martes, 12 de junio de 2007


pintura emergente
instituto monsa de ediciones

And why not take a look, or several Coups d’Oeil, at a folder bringing together the work from the same generation of artists who have resisted the rigidity of a label?

Behind these works lie hidden expanding universes which inhale a certain pop and exhale a shrewd irony in what we could verbalize as a continuous breath of reinventing the present.

At a glance we come across original ways to shrink, expand and tether down the various traditions that these authors come from. Their genuine form of outlining, observing, deforming, deflating and exploding their phantoms, objects, roots and icons make each one the motor of their own world.

Coups d’Oeil is a visual blow to today's society, to the image of politics and the politics of the image. Between blows each artist takes a breath and with lungs full up to the bursting point, we are brought to the challenge itself. As so we are invited to take a deeper look at the surprising complicity woven between their works.


Hiroshi Shimamura
Juan Cardosa
Mapi Gil
Robbert Van Ingen
Sabine Finkenauer
Victor Castillo

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