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Mountain To Surf: Group Show in September
Helium Cowboy Gallery Hamburg Friday, Sep 3 - Friday, Sep 17, 2010

We are pleased to present the 2010 Season Opening Exhibition showcasing 7 artists from our gallery. The exhibition will feature painting, photography, drawing, wood cuts and sculpture, with works by:


Most of the works shown at "Mountain To Surf" have never been exhibited in Hamburg before. These works have been presented at fairs and exhibitions in Basel (Mountains), New York (somewhere in between = To), Barcelona/Miami (Surf) ... you get the idea.
Mountain To Surf is also the name of a small annual run I've participated in Lorne, Australia ages ago, that begins in the mountains (hills...) above the coast, continues on forest tracks through the bushland (woods) and ends on the beach, almost in the surf (it really does - after the finishing line you are basically standing right inside the breaking waves).
open tuesdays - fridays, 12 a.m. - 7 p.m.



Gallery Christoffer Egelund

25 June - 14 August 2010

Gallery Christoffer Egelund is proud to present this summer’s group exhibition "Relationships", showing works by artists: Miss Van (F), Victor Castillo (Chile), Michael Swaney (Can) and Tim Biskup (US). The exhibition displays drawing, oil painting, collage, video, sculpture, and mixed media wall objects. The show is curated by Anthon Maxus Christophersen (DK) thanks to the kind collaboraton with Iguapop Gallery, Barcelona.

The curator of the exhibition, Anthon Maxus Christophersen (b. 1975), has for several years played an active part in Barcelona's artistic underground environment. During the development of the documentary "Vaqueros De Barcelona"; an urban cowboy movie featuring Barcelona's ‘outlaws’ - the independent street artists - Anthon came in contact with the artists Miss Van (b. 1973), Victor Castillo (b. 1973), Mike Swaney (b. 1978) and Tim Biskup (b. 1967). Common to them all is that they have left their roots, and found ‘home’ and kindred spirits in Barcelona's creative underground milieu. The artists participating in the show, except from Mike Swaney, are exhibiting for the first time in Denmark. Common to the artists is that they have a personal relation to the untamed and wild characters and relationships depicted in their artworks. The four artists have, without losing their edge, gained international recognition and respect within the established art world testified by their representation in international art collections, galleries and museums around the world.

Miss Van is a legend in street art. She was 18 years old when she started painting city walls with the big boys in Toulouse in the early 1990’es and she is known to be the first female street artist and the first to use brushes when painting in the streets. Her recognizable 'Slutty Girls' or dolls have since 1993 been a recurring motif in her art. Since her art has moved into the gallery space and she started exploring new media such as paper and cloth, the depiction of her girls have gradually become more refined and subtle, to which the new works in the exhibition is a good example. Miss Van has exhibited in Berlin, Paris, San Francisco, LA and New York.

In Victor Castillo’s oil paintings evil childhood games unfold in grotesque theatrical tableaus that seem oddly contemporary yet oldfashioned at the same time. The characters are bourgeois children from the 1800s in Sunday clothes and school uniforms performing malicious child's play, wearing grinning grotesques masks with black hollow eyes and long red sausage noses. Castillo’s works draw reference to comic and satire, as well as to Goya and Velasquez. Victor Castillo has exhibited widely internationally, for instance in Santiago, Hamburg, Beijing and he will presents new works in this exhibition.

In Mike Swaney’s collages, childishly executed human figures are drawn, cut out, and pasted into surreal dollhouse setting, awkwardly performing everyday activities as if touched by black magic. In his sculptures are references to voodoo; here you will find large pins, dolls and strange hybrids of objects, animals and humans. The performative element stems from a childhood interest in having toys 'come alive', and it is a continuous part of Swaney’s body of work, that also includes performances. Mike Swaneys works have been exhibited widely internationally, including in Hamburg, New York and Tokyo. The exhibition displays new works.

Tim Biskup's drawings and paintings depict erotically posing nude women caught in moments of ecstasy. The women’s euphoria is emphasized by the backgrounds, where time and space are dissolved in abstract graphic spaces. The backgrounds refer to various graphical eras such as Cubism and Art Deco. Biskup has long been recognized for his complex color and design theories and he has a background in illustration, animation and graphic design, which is reflected in his polished and graphic style that, however, always contains conceptual undertones. Tim Biskup is represented widely in galleries and museums and has exhibited in New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires and Melbourne among other places.

Gallery Christoffer cordially invites you to the private view of the group exhibition Relationships friday June 25th from 4pm to 7pm, where more of the artists will be present. The exhibition will subsequently be on show during the period June 26th – August 14th 2010. Opening hours: Monday-Friday 11am to 6pm, Saturdays 12pm to 4pm. For further information about the exhibition and press photos please contact the gallery

Bredgade 75
DK-1260 Copenhagen K

Nos despedimos de Barcelona con una exposición en la que reunimos a algunos de los artistas más representativos que han pasado por la galería, que son a su vez algunos de los más interesantes del panorama internacional del pop contemporáneo (incluyendo street art, pop surrealista, lowbrow, arte vinculado a la ilustración, etc.). No son todos los que están ni están todos los que son: nos habría encantado contar con absolutamente todo el mundo, pero finalmente hemos optado por una muestra más sintética para que se pueda apreciar mejor el trabajo de cada artista individualmente.
Con este título no queremos decir que seamos demasiado cool para Barcelona. Ni que nuestros artistas sean los más guays de la escena del arte pop contemporáneo. Es un título patillero, chillón, pretencioso, fluorescente y absurdo, con el que queremos celebrar una exposición que será como una gran fiesta de fin de curso de mes y medio de duración, para irnos con una sonrisa y muy buen sabor de boca.
Todos los artistas realizarán un autorretrato de pequeño formato que acompañará sus obras; les hemos dado total libertad en cuanto al tema, medio y formato, para completar una muestra en la que ellos serán los protagonistas, en la que dominará la pintura pero se complementará con mural, fotografía e instalación.

Qué es Swab?

Swab: small piece of a absorbent material attached to the end of a stick or wire. Swab absorberá 32 galerías de todo el mundo durante el 13 y el 16 de mayo de 2010 en Barcelona.

Swab Barcelona fue fundada en el 2006, bajo la iniciativa de la colección privada de Barcelona Diezy7 y el apoyo de los galeristas Leo Koenig (Leo Koenig, INC, Nueva York), Fred Mann (Fred LTD, Londres) y Marta Moriarty (Vacío, 9, Madrid).

El propósito de los organizadores es presentar el arte contemporáneo emergente del panorama mundial siendo así una plataforma para la nueva generación de jóvenes galerías nacionales e internacionales.

En el 2007, Swab tuvo lugar por primera vez, trayendo a Barcelona la Feria de Arte Contemporáneo que tanto deseaba la ciudad.

Mango, patrocinador de Swab, Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo de Barcelona, ha presentado de la mano de la actriz Belén Rueda, una camiseta de edición limitada diseñada por el artista chileno Víctor Castillo.

La camiseta Swab by Mango estará a la venta en la Feria del 13 al 16 de mayo y en una selección de tiendas de la firma en España, a un precio de 18 €. Los beneficios obtenidos se destinarán a la Fundación Menudos Corazones, de la que Belén Rueda es Presidenta de Honor. Esta entidad sin ánimo de lucro tiene como objetivo facilitar el desarrollo integral y la mejora de la calidad de vida de los niños y jóvenes con cardiopatías

In January 2010, Polo Jeans Co. Ralph Lauren commissioned over 50 of Europe’s most exciting young contemporary artists to customise stars made from the finest American denim.

With the iconic Stars and Stripes flag for inspiration, each young artist was tasked with creating something totally unique: beyond the shapes and sizes of the Art Stars, the only limit was their imaginations...

Each Art Star will appear in a Polo Jeans Co. store, before joining a public exhibition in London in late 2010.

Contemporary art and fashion aficionados will have the opportunity to own one of these exclusive Art Stars.

Art Stars Participating Artists:

Alberto de Pedro
Alex Daw
Anna Tarathiel (ONVI)
Annie P.
Antoine et Manuel
Anton Unai
Bom K
Daniele Villa
Diya Ajit
Gilles Balmet
Hvass + Hannibal
James Jessop
Jamie Shovlin
Jens Paldam
Kate Moross
Matthew Small
Natalie Baker
Niklas Holm
Pam Glew
Pedros Matos
Pio Abad
Smash 137
Stefan Strumbel
Sten and Lex
Victor Castillo

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We just got the beautiful boxes that will contain a limited edition of 90 (numbered and signed) set of silkscreen prints by Victor Castillo, Rai Escalé, Catalina Estrada Uribe, Boris Hoppek, Vanessa Alice, Segio Mora, Juanjo Sáez and Mike Swaney. It will be availale since the opening of IguapopGallery's last show in Barcelona, next Saturday June 5th.

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Hi- Fructose 5th Anniversary Group Exhibition

Hi-Fructose Arts Magazine celebrates its 5th anniversary with a group show presenting a selection of some of the most distinguished artists to have graced their pages.

Hi-Fructose was founded by artists, Attaboy and Annie Owens in 2005 and is published
by Ouchfactory Yumclub Publishing. Not a lifestyle magazine, Hi-Fructose puts its focus squarely on the art which transcends genre and trend, assuring readers thorough coverage and content that is relevant, informative and original. Hi-Fructose showcases an amalgamation of new contemporary, emerging as well distinguished artists, with a spotlight on awe inspiring spectacles and developing counter cultures from around the world.

Each beautifully designed, full color issue goes beyond the comfort zone of the "alternative" norm to deliver a diverse cross section of the most influential and defining art of our time.

The works included in this 5th Anniversary show pays an homage to the artists we’ve featured over the past 5 years and who’ve helped to shape and define the future of art in our culture.

artists include: Kris Kuksi, Jonathan Viner, Martin Witfooth, Candice Tripp, Jesse Hazelip, Lori Earley, Chris Mars, Jeff Soto, Kevin Cyr, Mark Ryden, Thomas Doyle, Scott Musgrove, Victor Castillo, Amy Sol, Audrey Kawasaki, Brendan Danielsson, Brian Dettmer, Greg "Craola" Simkins, Harma Heikens, Attaboy, Alex Pardee,Scott Hove, Sas Christian, Colin Christian, Yoko D'Holbachie, Travis Lampe, Junko Mizuno, Brandt Peters, Mia, Chet Zar, Kathie Olivas, Johnny “KMNDZ” Rodriguez, Sam Gibbons, Annie Owens, Yosuke Ueno, Skinner, Ewelina Ferruso, Shag, Mike Shine


Where: Copro Gallery
Bergamot Station
2525 Michigan Ave , Unit T5, Santa Monica , CA 90404
Ph: 310/829-2156

Opening Reception, Saturday, March 13 - 8:00 – 11:30 p.m.

Dates: Exhibit runs; March 13 – April 3, 2010

Contact: Gary Pressman, Gallery - Director Copro Gallery

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Strange Fruit

The Infinite Complexities of Christmas

Slave to the Rhythm

Merry Television to You

170 S. La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036


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Night Fever


Do you think I'm sexy?

heliumcowboy artspace GmbH
Kaiser-Wilhelm-Str. 81
20355 Hamburg